What is buyfood.ch?

Buyfood.ch is an online food ordering platform that lets you access various menus from your local restaurants to order food to be delivered at a given address or can schedule a pickup from the restaurant.

Where is Buyfood.ch available?

Currently, Buyfood.ch is only operating within parts of Switzerland connecting hundreds of restaurants through one platform.

Why should I order through Buyfood?

The ease to place a direct food order with an interactive platform, also with the digital interface we can stay updated with your order, keep track of your orders, expenses and definitely – the experience. Moreover, there are attractive discount vouchers, special offers, and freebies offered on our platform which is exclusive only with Buyfood.ch

How do I start?

Click on the link given below to start with placing an order through our app
Else , place an order through our website www.buyfood.ch/browserestaurants and follow our instructions on www.buyfood.ch/

Are there any registration fee involved?

Buyfood.ch – the app is totally FREE! Even the delivery of your food is free depending on the restaurant’s delivery policy, however, the restaurants may charge for their delivery depending upon the distance to be covered.There are no additional charges for registration, subscription or operational.

Do you care for Allergies/Special Instructions?

There is a special instructions message which is visible while you select your food menu added to the cart, which will be sent to that particular restaurant kitchen and ensure it will be of our prior concern to the chef. There is also an additional feature available during the checkout process where you can leave instructions to the delivery person.

What if there is an issue with my order?

In case if there are any issues you could contact our support team at +41 (0)44 308 3644 from Monday to Saturday (0900 – 1900 Hrs). You could also drop an email to info@buyfood.ch and our support team would get in touch with you.

Any more Questions?

We are all ears! Use the form to write to us and our team would get in touch within 2-3 business days.