Stay healthy but not hungry !

Many of us are more conscious about their health and other medical issues, mostly many prefer to stay lean assuming it to fit in health and let themselves starve unnecessarily leading to various complications in life. One must remember to stay fit/healthy it’s not that you should starve by avoiding/skipping meal, but eating healthy diet is must. People fail to realize that the food we consume everyday acts a natural medicine.

As how Hippocrates a Greek physician, one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine he is also referred as father of medicine, quoted “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” These words express the need and importance of food in our daily life and also how it reflects upon our lifestyle.

Ancient days physicians used imparted the knowledge to the people has how food benefits in our life that acts as medicine and it’s also used to heal various health issues. Those days people used food and other herbs to cure illness and people stayed healthy with less health issues. But these days due to stress, strain and sedentary lifestyle of people led to unhealthy eating habits and poor nutrition. People should stop eating for convenience such as fast food meals and look forward to healthy eating of meal which has proper nutrition in order to maintain our health.

Healthy eating, well-balanced diet, regular exercise will prevent weight gain, diet-related illness and other diseases which occur due to improper diet.Less junk, stress, strain and poor diet should be avoided rather people could start eating proper meal and not stay hungry anymore.