For those of you who have never tried a Swedish pancake, let us entice your taste buds!
Swedish pancakes more similarly resemble a traditional French crepe. These pancakes are are very thin , most often served folded or rolled with sweet toppings. Swedish pancakes are known for their richness. If one wants to try a variation of pancake or a dish similar to pancake but filling them Cholermus is a must try for those who like to beguile their taste buds.

Cholermus is a kind of sweet omelet, is a typical breakfast from Swiss Alps. The omelet is usually sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, often filled with apples or pears, fresh, sliced or stewed an Alpine omelet, that is closer to a pancake than to a proper omelet. It is typically served with apples or pears, with a Lingonberry sauce as filling. Enjoy your hearty Swiss breakfast!